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October 15, 2013
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It was quiet in the world conference room - which was surprising. Not talking. No fighting. At all. Italy wasn't rambling on about pasta. America wasn't going on about how much of a hero he was. Not even France and England were at each other's necks.

It was strange - maybe it was the atmosphere? Canada wasn't there. It's not like anyone noticed him anyways, right?

Also, the ceiling seemed to be missing - but that wasn't noticed at all.

But then, something happened. America and England both started tapping this - this beat. It was a smooth rhythm. This continued for a few seconds until faint music started playing in the background - it sounded like a keyboard of some sort. It slowly got louder, until England stood up and faced America, a single tear streaming down his face, before opening up his mouth and...


"We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain, we jumped, never asking why..." He took a step closer to the American, pointing a finger at his chest, biting his bottom lip. "We kissed, I fell under your spell, a love no one could deny..."

England took a step back, shaking his head. Somewhere in the background, Russia randomly licked his metal pipe.

"Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you..." He reached out a hand to the Englishman, just missing the collar of his shirt. "I can't live a lie, running for my life, I will always want you..."


"I CAME IN LIKE A WREEEECKING BAAALLLLL~" There was a loud crash as a wrecking ball with Canada in girl panties and no shirt sitting on it tore down one of the walls. His voice was a loud whisper, trying to sing over the crumbling sounds of the wall. Everyone ducked as the huge sphere swung through the room, Canada clinging to the chain. And unsuspecting Prussian was hit by the ball, sticking to it as it just barely missed the opposite wall from the one that was wrecked. Russia stood up, walking in the most dramatic way, running his pipe along the wall. Canada sang out once again, "I never hit so hard in love~"

"All I wanted was to break your walls!" Romano pushed Spain against a wall, holding his arms down against it. He shook his head, long curl bobbing back and forth as he squeezed his eyes shut, slamming one of his fists against the wall. "All you ever did was wre-e-eck me!"

"Yeah, you, you wre-e-eck me..." Japan buried his face in his hands, turning away from the Grecian next to him, who was lazily resting his head on the table, nuzzling his face into one of the thousand cats he owned.

"I put you high up in the sky, and now, you're not coming down..." Canada sand in his soft whispery voice to Prussia, who had by now had been pulled onto the wrecking ball, but still dazed from being hit with it. Canada slowly reached his head back, before leaning in and brushing his lips against Prussia's ear. Russia started to run his tongue along his pipe again. "It slowly turned, you let me burn, and now, we're ashes on the ground..."

"Don't you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you..." Finland came up behind Sweden, wrapping his slim arms around the broad male's waist and burying his face in the cloth of his clothing. "I can't live a lie, running for my life, I will always want you..."

"I CAME IN LIKE A WREEEECKING BAAAALLLLL~" Poland - also in female panties and shirtless - came in on another, smaller wrecking ball with the 3 Baltic nations doing the same on 3 other small wrecking balls, all wearing the same thing.

"I never hit so hard in love~" Lithuania cried, reaching out for the Polish male, the chains of their wrecking balls coiling together, making them collide.

"All I wanted was to break your walls~" Latvia crashed into a wall, sending him flying off and into Estonia. They both fell onto the ground, Latvia sitting up on Estonia's chest. The younger reached out, taking his glasses and placing them over his violet eyes.

"All you ever did was wre-e-eck me~" Estonia sang out, moving his arms so that they brought the Latvian down, making their foreheads touch.

"I came in like a wrecking ball!" Italy jumped on Germany with so much force that he ended up slamming into a wall, cracking the only standing wall left. He buried his face in the green cloth of his military uniform, gripping it with his fingers tightly. "Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung..."

"Left me crashing in a blazing fall..." England was backed against the table, America leaning into him, his hands pinned down on the surface of the table by the taller male's own hands. He gave a broken smile, looking up at him, freeing one of his hands to reach it up and cup one of the American's cheeks. "All you ever did was, wre-e-eck me..."

"Yeah, you, you wre-e-eck me..." America breathed out, reaching up his hand to place it over the one England had on his cheek.

"I never meant to start a war..." The Brit said quietly, closing his emerald-green eyes. "I just wanted you to let me in..."

"And instead of using force..." America shook his head, taking a step back from the Brit.

"I guess I should've let you win..." England buried his face in his hands, shaking his head.

"I never meant to start a war..." The American grabbed both England's hands, pulling them away and clutching them tightly.

"I just wanted you to let me in..." The British male leaned forwards towards America. "I guess I should've let you win..."

"Don't you ever say I just walked away," America leaned forward, lips nearly touching Britain's. "I will always want you..."

They slowly leaned in and-

"I CAME IN LIKE A COCK BLOOOCKER WREEEECKING BAAAAAAALLLLLL~" France shouted, coming in on another wrecking ball - naked - and slamming into the couple. His hair was waving through the air, sparkles dramatically engulfing him. "I NEVER HIT SO HAAAARD IN LOVE~"

"All I wanted was to break your walls~" Hungry wrapper her arms around Austria's neck, grinning.

"All you ever did was wre-e-eck me..." Switzerland observed them from a distance, arms crossed. Kinda sad-

"I CAME IN LIKE A WREEEEECKING BAAAALLLLLLLLL~" Sapphire and Mallow came in on the largest wrecking ball, screeching out the lyrics, clinging to the chain of the ball. But they were clothed, thankfully. The wrecking ball made a dead stop, flinging the 2 off into different directions - Sapphire into Russia, and Mallow into Iceland. They both clung to the boys dramatically. "Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung!"

"Left me crashing in a blazing fall!" Sapphire whined, burying her face in the Russian's scarf - who had a blank poker face on when looking down at the fake-sobbing female.

"All you ever did was, wre-e-eck me!" Iceland was so confused at why Mallow was sobbing onto his shoulder - in fact he had not idea what the fuck was going on - bu he tried to ignore it. It didn't work.

"Yeah, you, you wre-e-eck meeeeeeeeeeeeee~!" Almost everyone shouted. Some people just blankly stared at everyone else like they were all on acid - which they probably were. But one thing confused everyone...

...without a ceiling how did the wrecking balls stay up?

Then suddenly, America looked up, and shouted, pointing, "Yo, what the actual fuck is that?"


There were 2 hands floating in the air, holding all the chains for the wrecking balls.

They- They didn't even connect to anything! The were just fucking there! America - being America - waved. One of them let go of some of the chains, causing the wrecking balls to drop on the floor, and-

Waved back.

"HOLY FUCKING-- IT WAVED BACK!" The blonde shouted, pointing to it. Britain just stared at them.

"What in the bloody hell are those...giant hands doing in the sky?" He asked. America wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling the Brit closer before pointing again.

"I have no idea! But it's totally cool!"

"You idiot..." The British nation sighed, shaking his head. But then the finger - pointed at him - No, everyone, and-


What happened next?

Everyone started twerking. They just--


Some even wall twerked.

"BLOODY HELL AMERICA!" Britain yelled over the immense commotion of twerking. That's right. It made noise. Some of their asses were so fine that they just made noises when they moved. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!"

"HOW IS IT MY FAULT?!" America cried, using the table for support. He looked up at the hands - which were moving their pointer fingers like a conductor would.



"YOU CREATED MILE CYRUS, YOU CREATED TWERKING, YOU SCREWED US ALL!" Britain shouted at the younger nation, on the verge of tears from how much his ass was moving. It he went any faster he'd probably take flight.

"Nah, I screwed you like te--"

"Bloody fucking hell, don't you even..." Britain hissed, grabbing on to one of the chairs.

But there was something that stood out.

Russia, Sapphire, and Mallow weren't twerking.

They just stood there, laughing - Except for Russia. He was just looking at them confused. Sapphire waved at him, trying to breath properly through her laughing. Finally, she took in a deep breath, drawing something on a tablet.

Suddenly, everyone stopped twerking. Britain fell to the floor, bringing down the chair he was grasping with him. America sighed with relief, rubbing his sore cheeks - and not the ones on his face.

"What the fuck just happened aru?" China screeched, eye and hands twitching. Sapphire tried not to burst into laughter. She pointed to the tablet, trying not to laugh. China squinted his eyes, and spotted what seemed to be...stick figures drawn onto the tablet. They had distinct features - One had thick eyebrows, another had America's cowlick and his glasses, another had China's ponytail, and so on.

"Vhat ze hell is zat?" Prussia questioned.

"Oh, nothing..." Sapphire grinned,before walked off with Mallow, leaving the whole room stunned in silence.

--- -- ---

"And that, my friends, is why we should ban twerking." Sapphire concluded.


The seriousish parts are when I wasn't sleep deprived.

One word for this?


I just--



Nothing more.

Don't mind any grammatical errors.

Or the language.

Or any pairing you don't like.I like 'em but it's okay if you don't.

This is just--




Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
Hetalia - Himaruya
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"THIS IS YOUR FAULT!""HOW IS IT MY FAULT?!" America cried, using the table for support. He looked up at the hands - which were moving their pointer fingers like a conductor would."BECAUSE YOU-- YOU--"

I laughed so hard that I thought i'd wake up at an asylum today.
I'm dying xo
SapphireBlueEyes7799 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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